September 10, 2018

Authenticity - Wisdom From Above Is Different

Who is wise among us?  That is where we are this Sunday at Calvary.  I love the notion of wisdom coming from that grand Old Testament word for wisdom.  It means skill in living.  The knack we seem to have lost in our day is a knack for living.  Where is the wisdom?  James will help us dig it out in his great epistle. 
The ability to forgive, the ability to forbear, the ability to be self disciplined, the ability to be forgive, the ability to keep our promises, the ability to say no to bitterness, the ability to live within our means, the ability to stay away from addictions…we have lost the edge on these most basic things!  Where are the wise, the skillful in living?  Of all places, they should be found populating our church, shouldn’t they?  Is that what we find? 
The wisdom of this world can seem so compelling, but it is a mirage.  How is such wisdom working for us as a culture?  Jesus has become for us the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:30).  On Sunday, we’ll sit down and open our Bibles and listen to James.  He is taking us to wisdom, this gift from above to all who will receive. 
I need this wisdom…and so do you.  I need your prayers that God would give us a great Sunday, a Sunday of an infusion of godly wisdom.  O for such skill from heaven to take us forward as a church.  Grace and wisdom are available to us.  That’s good news.  This Sunday matters.  It would be a wise to come with a prepared heart.

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